What’s your top 3 animes Quinn?

Instead of a “top”, I’ll just tell you what I’m watching right now ^^, cus it’s only 3 shows.

I’m watching Violet Evergarden, Odd Taxi, and Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (season 2)

I can definitely recommend Violet Evergarden, if you’re looking for a very pretty anime!



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dasleepypanda: coucherequin: This is peak sexy time for coucherequin ^^. Wearing a shark outfit and a diaper, and hugging my shark plushie !! Is truuue!! 💖🦈💙 🙊🙈 it’s true? It was really fun to wear this outfit ^^. I’m looking … Continue reading

Why are you so cute? And in a perfect world, would you wear a diaper under a wedding dress when you get married?

xD Why am I so cute? I wonder if I am actually cute. I wear adult diapers, and pretend that I’m a baby.

I wonder about that second question… I mentioned it before that a partner who isn´t okay with me wearing diapers will be shown the door by me. It´s a very selfish thing to say of me, but it´s probably for the better.


Please send Asks (28 Augustus 2021)

It’s kinda rainy / bad weather here, so I should stay indoors today.. Could you send me an Ask, please? we can have lots of fun together ^^



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This is peak sexy time for coucherequin ^^. Wearing a shark outfit and a diaper, and hugging my shark plushie !!


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coucherequin: a65232-joshywoshy: No description this time. Just Bab. It suits you. 😁 Sorry, I don’t always write picture descriptions.. especially when the pictures are quite similar to other posts and then I run out of things to say ^^;;. I’ll never … Continue reading

Since your passion obviously comes from within, I would like to ask you how you discovered it yourself and tried it for the first time. Were you ashamed when you discovered your passion, or were you delighted to have found a source of joy.I think it would be a fair trade if I allow you to ask a counter-question for each of your answers, to which I must respond as honestly as you did.You posed a question to me as a viewer of your images some time ago, “Do I really look that cute in plastic pants?

I’m sorry that I’ve been holding onto this Ask for so long. I should have answered it earlier!

I do really like diapers and ageplay, it’s really really genuine. I’ve liked this ever since I can remember, though my early memories are kinda blurry and probably not accurate. So I would not say that I “found” a source of joy, because it has always been there, like how you cannot find out that you have 2 legs.

What has changed over time is my devotion to it. In the past I did not have as many ABDL thingies to indulge myself into. Nowadays I can go all goo goo gaga and pee my diapers as much as I want xD



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poofypaddedprincess: coucherequin: xD I look so thin when I’m in bed like that That’s okay! You’re pretty no matter what 🌸 ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you kindly for saying that @poofypaddedprincess !! I am really glad that some people think that I … Continue reading

What was your favourite high school course?

Thank you for sending me this Ask! XD highschool was a long time ago for me. I was 17 when I left highschool (I only did the Dutch “HAVO” which is like the middle-level). I’m 30 right now. Time flies, huh?

I liked biology class most. I didn’t end up studying or working in a classical ‘biology’ related thing. Biomedical sciences, in which I do work, finds its origin in biology, and it definitely still shares some aspects of biology. Though, ultimately I wouldn’t bunch together the people who studied biology and those who studied biomedical sciences or biomedical engineering or something like that. Medical sciences has (rightfully so) a strong emphasis on mammalian biology and biochemistry as we humans, our farm animals and our pets are mammals. Over time I did get fully invested into understanding mammalian biology over (for instance) avian or reptilian (… starting to sound like Pokemon now). Nonetheless, I understand that mammalian biology is strongly reliant on other kingdoms of life like fungi (for making beer, bread, wine), bacteria (infections, for synthesizing medication), virii (infections, genetic vectors), plants (food, coffee, decoration) and even archaea (symbiotic cleaners) and protozoa. I admittedly don’t read as much outside my own expertise as I used to, but I’m still very interested in understanding the (biological) world around me and how it all fits together. The human mind seems to find comfort in having an answer to the things we observe, and I’m no exception to that.


For you, what are the characteristics of a diaper that make you feel like a cutesy baby? His bulkiness, how it expand, it’s squishness when it’s wet?

There’s something about the design (the physical hourglass shape) that makes or breaks it for me. Crinklz diapers have a really cute print in my opinion but they tend to “ride up” on me. This makes me want to run my finger along the inside elastic band of the diaper, and pull that part of the diaper back to the side once in a while. I suspect that this is because of the width of the middle part of the diaper being too narrow? The Rearz Princess Pink diapers don’t do this. I don’t have a direct size comparison of these two diapers, but by looking at these two pictures, the Princess Pink does look much wider compared to the Crinklz Astronauts. Both diapers are amazing, don’t get me wrong ❤️

Hm sorry the original question was what about a diaper makes me feel like a little baby. There’s another question in my inbox right now on pullups which is related to this. I suspect that the diaper “seed” was planted in my mind by a tape diaper whereas this was done by a pullup in other people. Does that make sense? Whatever the initiating factor was for me to start liking diapers, it must have been a thick tape-on diaper. I’ve been meaning to ask my mom about the period that I wet the bed but I haven’t gathered the courage for it yet. I wet the bed until around age 7-8; little kid coucherequin must have been too big by then for actual baby diapers and instead (probably) used hospital diapers for older kids. Around this age, sexual orientation and fetishes are formed, I think. It’s not a stretch of the imagination to consider that a diaper, with its intimateness and proximity to your sexual organs, can get associated with sexuality when applied at the right age.

As for wetness.. Some people don’t use their diapers, they pee their diapers, or they do #2 as well. I like wetting myself when I’m wearing a diaper because it feels like a rush and I like the feeling of the slightly damp material pushing against me. I’m not into #2, unfortunately, and can’t talk about it. ^^ Thank you for this Ask and sorry for the delay in answering it!



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Noooo now you find out that I was wearing a DIAPER all this time x_x !! It’s called a Rearz Lil Squirts Splash


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just kidding, no cuddles for my shark, only humping x_x


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It seems that this shark received a package today. The package was waiting for me in the apartment entrance hall! (So good to trust your neighbors!!) I was kinda hoping that it was the Gawr Gura sweater that I ordered. … Continue reading


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These were the last pictures that I took for this session ^^ , I hope that you can try and wear the Rearz Princess Pink, too!


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Look at all these pictures of me on my bed ^^, so cute! I’m sorry that I never show my face.. I want to share my littlespace, but keep myself private!

Do you cum harder when you wear diapers and with sharky between you legs, than without the two?

This is private between my shark and me ^^


Please send Asks (18 apr 2021)!

Hiiii if you want to, could you send me an Ask on tumblr? You can do it over here: https://coucherequin.tumblr.com/ask , or if you’re on mobile, click on the (+) on the top of my profile page, and then Ask! 


Blog post April 2021

Seems that I ran out of pictures to post to this blog, oops.

I did buy a new tripod recently, cus my old one was kinda being held together by tape and elastic bands xD. My previous tripod was used quite a lot; not only for this blog but also for my other photography projects, and I took it with me to various places in Europe. The part that wore out the most was the part that attaches the camera to the tripod. I use a Sony A7 camera, with an old Minolta 4000 flash; and together these are quite heavy. Tripods tend to be built for a maximum weight and I was definitely exceeding mine. 

Hm so anyway. I’m really busy, but I think I’ll take this evening ‘off’ and take some new pictures. but let’s see what I end up feeling like doing. Thank you for following me and for sending me kind messages ♡ ♥💕❤😘



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These are the last photos that I took this time ^^ I hope that you can try and wear the Littleforbig Little Dreamers!!


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xD I think the shark’s expression in that first picture is very funny

You are an absolutely wonderful person. I’m beyond honored to call you a friend.

xD I wouldn’t describe myself as a wonderful person, but I nonetheless appreciate the comment. It seems that I am slowly shifting the purpose of my tumblr blog from being my personal picture dumping ground, to a place where I try to spread (abdl-related) positive feelings and where I can help others feel better ^^. Maybe it’s better that way. It’s only by spreading positivity that I can make any difference, right? Without happiness, there’s no meaning to anything, I think. 


the school uniform looks good on you!

It’s so adorable, I love it ;_;. I am a little kid in first grad who still needs diapers and constant plushie hugs!!



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Which view do you like most? ^^ The classy, the silly, or the one where I show my diaper?

I am in a weak spot tonight. My go to RomComs aren’t even helping. Not even my Christmas RomComs. And then I thought of something you said (wrote). You mentioned getting into your Little Space and I believe you said, “fluffing” a diaper. What, how, exactly is that, I have to ask. It sounds so exciting. I have no real intimacy anymore, but the act of preparing a diaper seems so intimate, so intimate. Even if it is for myself. I am so damned sad. I feel so profoundly lonely.

Hello @exhibitionwetter​ , I’m really sorry to hear that ^^;; . Loneliness is such a pervasive emotion and such a common one nowadays. It’s not good at all to feel lonely. The only intimacy that I have is hugging my shark at night, I haven’t touched another human being in months :(. But my role for you, and for others, is to be positive. I wanna be a positive light for everyone who follows my tumblr blog. I’ll post daily new pictures, answer as many Asks as I can, answer as many private messages as I can.. to try and cheer everyone up. From doing this for years now, it’s something that I must continue doing, right? 

Fluffing up a diaper means to return it to its original thickness, how it was intended. Just like a fleece blanket (or like, a matrass), they compress diapers before putting them into the packaging, so that the diapers take up less space in shipping and in the pharmacies/warehouses. When you take them out of the packaging, they’re very stiff and flat.. If you search for “fluff your diaper!” you’ll find out how you can do it! (it’s very easy). Once the diaper is fluff again, it is less stiff to the touch and slightly thicker ^^



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I had a towel underneath me because this diaper (Rearz Incontrol Elite Hybrid) leaked very quickly.. I’m not sure what was wrong with it, I only peed a tiny bit into it before it started leaking down the inside of … Continue reading

Out of all the diapers you’ve tried over the years, do you have a favorite one?

Yes. I think I like the Bambino Cloudee, the Rearz Princess Pink, and the Littleforbig Baby Cuties the most.

But I like lots of different diapers. By now I must have worn at least 30 different brands ^^, and right now I’ve photographed myself during littletime on 54 different occasions! I take a lot of pictures, also non-abdl of course, so I try to keep everything sorted, so that I can use them again when I feel like it.. for instance this is me cumming my brains out into a bambino cloudee.. so lewd XD. My coucherequin folder is super big now, almost 75 gb of just me wearing diapers XD, so weird. 


Hi! Saw your birthday post with all of your presents! All of it looks comfy cute and oh so fun! What will you where first? So you also have footie pajamas?

Hello! My birthday was on the 3rd of january, sorry for answering this Ask a bit late ^^;; . You’ll see me wearing all those thingies the coming while. I don’t actually have a footie pyjama.. I do have a few kigurumis but they’re not the same.. do you think that I should get a footed pyjama?

When I ageplay, I just tend to wear cute outfits with tights and skirts and dresses ^^. Of course my shark plush is always nearby when I do this 


Have a wonderful week!!



I always try to have a lovely week ^^, thank you! Life is what you make of it, right? ^^ (though I don’t envy the hardships of others, and I wish everyone well!)

Two pictures of my shark: 


The Stash! Ooh! Aah! Bigger than mine! 😆

My box of diapers is bigger than yours? Then you should definitely get more diapers !! 

°^°   because when I took that image, I did not have a lot of diapers. but it’s okay, I can always get more ^^, as long as my shark doesn’t wear all of them!!


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kimimerc: coucherequin: poor thing..  I’ll take his place 😀 No, you can’t ^^. I love my shark and we sleep together almost every night. Sharkie is a plushie so I am safe around him, which makes me feel very happy … Continue reading


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Poor shark plush, always getting squashed by me. It gives me a nice feeling ‘down there’ when I’m pressing myself against this plush, though  °^°, I’m so sorry. 

What is your spirit animal?

xD Hm I wonder whether it’s sharks or cats. Or maybe both? It’s not even that I like sharks that much, they’re just the right shape to hug in bed and just the right amount of weirdness to be funny.  This is me wearing a Bambino classico v2 with thighhighs and hugging my shark:


Have you ever done a stinky nappy at all hehe? 🙈🙈 Love your blog though by the way ☺️☺️



Sorry I don’t discuss this on my blog ^^;;. I only discuss sharks and my littlespace:


Then tell us. Hammerhead, Great White, or Nurse? The people want to know!

xD I’m not sure whether I have a preference for any particular shark.

I think the plushie I have is supposed to be a Great White Shark. So, I hug a Great White Shark each night ^^

Important question. How many shark stuffies is the optimal amount?

Hm well probably only one? xD I don’t think you can hug several sharks at the same time, or can you? I only have one shark ^^



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kimimerc: Your being attacked .. I’ll save you lol It does look like my shark is trying to eat me °^° But I’d bite back. I am coucherequin, after all

Would you do streams if you got a proper setup?

I’m kinda wondering whether you’re asking me about streaming a video game, or streaming ageplaying or something like that. If you asked me about ageplaying then I’m afraid that I couldn’t do that. Ageplay is a personal time for me and it sounds like a lot of work to set up a stream xD. As for video games.. xD I’d be a very boring person to watch. I’m not good at any of the games that I play and my personality sucks. I’m really sorry this answer isn’t what you were hoping for…

Here are two up-close-and-personal pictures of me in bed with my shark:


You mentioned in some of your answers that you have a low self esteem when it comes to relations, can you please elaborate on why you think so and if it is related to loving diapers, also do you ever think to go to a psychologist to help you feel better or this doesn’t bother you at all? Thanks.

it’s true, I have some issues with self-esteem. I don’t think it’s related to me liking diapers and ageplay. Maybe it’s just my way of looking at life? Though despite that, I’m generally a happy person. I’ve been single for a long time, but I don’t really care that much about it, I think. I would really like to talk to interesting people more than I do now, though. I seem to attract mostly the “how are u” and not so much real conversations, but perhaps it’s my mistake to expect more than chit-chat.    

I’m against medicalization of human behavior, though. I would not go to a psychologist for having low self esteem. To me, that sounds absurd. I learned the hard way that it’s best not to be critical of psychologists. I’m still kinda skeptical, you know? I’ve always solved my own issues. The concept that someone could help me with a deep personal issue, in a very limited time, sounds totally bizarre to me. I personally consider the placebo effect to be a major contributor in the efficacy of psychologists. But again, I’m careful with this.. if a psychologist helps you, by all means don’t listen to me ^^

Thank you for this Ask!  I do really enjoy getting Asks and I will answer (almost) all of them in due time ^^



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kimimerc: coucherequin: xD 10 pictures of my shark helping me to open this diaper. Sharkie is the real coucherequin, after all Will look so much better on you😀 Hm I’m not so sure °^°  , sharkie does look very good … Continue reading


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itohseloh: coucherequin: Poor sharky getting squashed by me °.° See my archive | Donate | Coucherequin on Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife I am thinking Sharky likes it as much as you do. I k now if I was Sharky… hm I’m not … Continue reading

YOU are the good thing

I am the good thing? No, I’m only a simple person, that sometimes wears diapers for fun. That likes cosplay. I also like shark plushies. There’s no good in that, right?



I’m currently at Japan expo Paris, to sell art and music 🇯🇵,( my account is auto-posting old photos that I already took)

It’s going really well, and one of my friends gave me this lil shark as a gift!

I dropped my phone oops, it has a cracked screen now, it also cracked the phone’s camera lens😭. Can I buy a second hand phone from any of you, maybe? Something like an old Samsung s7.. That’d be so much help to me


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That shark is so naughty o.o See my archive | Coucherequin’s Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife


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(sorry for the scratch on my leg, it’s from my cat) See my archive | Coucherequin’s Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife