Would you do streams if you got a proper setup?

I’m kinda wondering whether you’re asking me about streaming a video game, or streaming ageplaying or something like that. If you asked me about ageplaying then I’m afraid that I couldn’t do that. Ageplay is a personal time for me and it sounds like a lot of work to set up a stream xD. As for video games.. xD I’d be a very boring person to watch. I’m not good at any of the games that I play and my personality sucks. I’m really sorry this answer isn’t what you were hoping for…

Here are two up-close-and-personal pictures of me in bed with my shark:



I’m currently at Japan expo Paris, to sell art and music 🇯🇵,( my account is auto-posting old photos that I already took)

It’s going really well, and one of my friends gave me this lil shark as a gift!

I dropped my phone oops, it has a cracked screen now, it also cracked the phone’s camera lens😭. Can I buy a second hand phone from any of you, maybe? Something like an old Samsung s7.. That’d be so much help to me

Halo your parents know you wear diapers

Do my parents know I wear diapers? I’m sure they do xD, they are my parents after all. Your parents know everything about you, even if you don’t tell them something. That said, I don’t talk about it with them 


You are not ugly or old, that is absolut wrong. You are cute and beautiful, especially in your little underwear. But why is little you always wearing a top? Littles don’t do that. I do not see that something needs to be hidden

For anyone who wishes to know.. next January 3rd, I am turning 28. So this is my time of the year where I am very conscious of my age and that I have not achieved much of anything in my lifetime. Sooo yeah. Also, I know I’m flat chested, but that doesn’t bother me so much. 

Thank you very much for saying those kind things! 

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XD I can safely hide behind my shark plush Coucherequin on InstagramCoucherequin’s blogFetlife


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I’m holding that shark plush like it’s a trophy XD. It did give me a fun name for a blog Coucherequin on InstagramCoucherequin’s blogFetlife


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XD it’s so dumb to look at myself like this. But ah well. I hope at least you get some fun from it. I was having fun moving around in a really wet cloth diaper. It’s such a different feeling … Continue reading


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Time to get comfy in bed ^^. I was so soaking wet, but you can’t really tell cus the pants is keeping all the warm wetness firmly rubbing against my crotch, and luckily there was no one to change me out … Continue reading