Hiya Requin,I Hope You’re Doing Well! Have you had any particularly good foods recently? And do you have any houseplants? I’m thinking of joining a community garden soon!

xD you’re saying “hi shark”

I should indulge in better foods. I’m super thin and my eating habits aren’t so good. I tend to eat rice with vegetables and fish, or pasta with lots of vegetables and sauce… Sometimes my mind tells me that my belly is too big, but I don’t have an unhealthy low weight, I think.

I do have house plants, they’re kalanchoes, and spider plants.


Requin, have you ever visited the US?

I went to San Diego in 2018. It was for work, but I added a week to the trip, so that I had some free time for myself. I went to a lot of different places, while I was there. I visited the San Diego zoo, I went to the Fleet science museum, the USS Midway… It was quite a stressful trip, as everything was so different from what I’m used to and I was all by myself. Though, I think that overall I had an okayish time. Although my opinion on this can change in the future, right now I don’t think that I’d return to the USA. At least not on my own.

The most memorable thing about the whole thing, for me, was the kids rides at the zoo. I asked if I could join in with all the kids, and the person did say that he noticed that I was the only adult, but said that he didn’t mind. ^^ Maybe it was a little weird, but my inner child was very happy.


How are you doing requin?

I’m fine, really. I’m mentally mature enough to compartmentalize aspects of my life into their own discrete boxes. I.e. yes I am disappointed that my coucherequin blog was nuked out of existence, and with it my opportunities to reach a meaningful number of the abdl community. Though simultaneously I’m still happy with achievements that I am getting elsewhere. With a clear mind, maybe I will spend some of my spare time on tumblr, but I can’t promise anything because if I spend the same amount of time on something else, there’ll be a higher chance that it has a lasting effect.


Antwerp is nice, but I can’t actually say how it is. I’m sure it would be a nice experience with your sister.I think getting a decent laptop, or small tower computer is better. You can hook it up to a TV in your living room so you can play with friends. It’s what my friend did!

Yes, I also think that visiting Antwerp would be a nice day out. From what I have read about the city so far, it is very different from the area of Belgium where I live. It also seems that there is quite a lot of stuff to do, in and around the city! Regardless, I don’t go out often and every opportunity to do so, especially when it’s not by myself, would be good ^^.

Hm well I bought my current laptop second-hand in August 2017, I think it was around 1 year old back then, so it’d be around 5 years old at the time of writing. For now, I don’t need a new one ^^, I’m happy with what I have. Though, I currently don’t have a TV, and I can’t get one due to lack of space. When I move to a bigger place, whenever that’ll be, I’ll consider these things again. Preferably, I also want more space for a crib and more baby stuff. Would you like to have a full adult baby room?


What is your fashion like in your everyday wear?Which city would you most like to visit?Do you play video or board games?

My everyday wear is my ‘professional disguise’. I am a baby, but I need to pretend to be a functional adult x_x. It usually consists of a colorful print dress shirt and dark or beige skinny jeans ^^. The last few years, I’ve gone through several backpacks; the only one which survived is one from ikea xD.

I would like to visit Antwerp (and several other Belgian cities) this spring. I’ll ask my sister whether she wants to go together with me. Supposedly, Antwerp has very beautiful locations! What do you think of this idea?

Yes; I do play a few video games. My 3ds still works (mainly for Pokemon), I have a Switch (Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, new Pokemon). On my phone I play pokemon go sometimes. Oops I may have a little issue with Pokemon xD. Maybe I’ll buy a steamdeck once they start selling those. Should I?


What is your favorite Belgian food, and what kind of chocolate do you like?

I like vol-au-vent a lot. It’s a savory pastry filled with vegetables, mushrooms, and meat. It’s covered in a thick sauce and heated up in the oven. Usually, it is served with fries and a salad. Alongside, one drinks a local beer. Eating this in the company of friends and during exchanging stories makes the food much more delicious!

about chocolate.. I’m not so picky, though I do prefer praline