Do you have dreams, where you are wearing a diaper in normal daily life, and your friend/colleague/relative notices your diaper?

I don’t think that I’ve had such a dream before. That’d be kinda strange. I have dreamt of diapers in peculiar situations… I have some difficulty recalling dreams from the past. I think that I’ve had numerous dreams of wearing diapers to school and being found out.

What is your experience? Have you dreamt of diapers in any way?


So you wanted an ask about anything? Ok! What is the size difference between your left and right feet?

Yes, please feel free (at any time) to send me an Ask on tumblr ^^. At worst, I’ll take a few days before I can properly respond, but I try my best to respond to everything.

I never noticed this, but apparently my right foot is 1 cm shorter compared to my left foot… I wonder what that means xD. Maybe it means that I’m actually a magical fairy


What is the next convention etc you are planning to attend?

The next one will be Japan Expo 😍. It’s always mega hot there, so I don’t think that I want to wear anything but the loosest blouse and shorts. Or maybe a skirt or short dress. I still have to decide on what to bring.


Do you have plans for Juhannus i.e., midsummer festifal?

I wasn’t sure what this was, and whether such a thing was actually celebrated… and I’m still not really sure whether I understand it.

But in that weekend, I went to see my parents, and I attended a wedding of a friend. The weather was really nice, the food was reaaaallly good, and I had a great time during the whole day! I took some pictures for the couple, because apparently my friends recognize that I take good pictures xD. I wonder whether that’s true…

Would you dare to go on playmate with another DL?Don’t worry, I’m not asking for myself….

For answering this, I’ll assume that you meant ‘playdate’. Is that correct? To me, a playdate would be like spending a day together going to an amusement park or go shopping together while wearing a playful outfit and maybe a diaper underneath. And then at the end of the day, go to someone’s home (or hotel) and ageplay together, but without sexual stuff.

If I know them well enough so that there’s a trusting relationship, and both of us consent, then it’d be okay I think. I’d definitely allow @cofftee to diaper me xD, but maybe he also expects me to do the same


So, how is the spring in Belgium? Here in south-west Finland, it started to snow today evening. This was not funny at all, as the spring had already started pretty well and almost all snow and ice had disappeared.

Spring started on the 20th of March, though here it’ll take a while longer before the trees will become green again. As this is the exponential phase of daylight change, it’s very noticeable day-by-day ^^. I’m sorry to hear that you are still having snowfall. I’m looking forward to Spring, and it sounds like you also can’t wait for some change in season to happen.

I hope that this Spring and Summer again, I can enjoy some free time and take pictures of the nature around me !! Thank you so much for interacting with me

Have you “dreamed” about slight bondage, like having locked panties over diaper? This would remove your right to decide about using your diaper to relieve yourself. Nowadays one can buy timer released padlocks for this purpose, so there is no need to have another person in play.

Thank you for this Ask!

I’ve seen a lot of pictures of abdl combined with (light) bondage, so it seems to be a common theme. The caretaker-baby dynamic is a kind of power-play, right? With the caretaker telling exactly what the baby is allowed to do. So, the combination makes sense.

Trying to emulate that dynamic with self-bondage would make sense, though I’m not sure if it’s for me. A big fantasy is to actually have a real caretaker-baby relationship going, where I can fully trust and let go ^^. Maybe I’ll get a locking plastic pants, but I already think that tape-on diapers make me ‘stuck’ in them until they’re full (or until I make magic happen in them).


Let’s say you are given a possibility (both financially and workwice) to have a “sabattial” year, i.e. year to do whatever you want to improve yourself. What would you do?

Thank you for this interesting Ask!

I still need to get my driver’s license; that’s something that I’d definitely do in an extended time off. Beyond that, I can’t think of any activity that I’d like to do, which I wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. I don’t talk much about what keeps me busy; but you gotta understand that I’m not really the sort of person who would take long time off ^^… Definitely not a whole year…

But your question runs deeper than this answer, I realize. A sabbatical isn’t per se a holiday. A sabbatical can be used to attain personal goals such as traveling the world, writing a book, recording a music album.. in business terms, high-profile managers may use such a time to get experience at another facility or company… In academic terms, a researcher may use such a time to go to another laboratory to learn new techniques and get acquainted with new ways of thinking. Though, simultaneously, it isn’t called a sabbatical in research, as far as I know.

I feel that I still have a lot to learn, especially in terms of data analysis. Right now, I have a basic grasp of statistics and data analysis ®. Though, I need a lot of help from others, still. There’s also a lot of laboratory techniques which I’m not familiar with. It’s perhaps boring to read about these topics, especially when I talk about more advanced ones. Though, that’s just the way how I am ^^. I am no student any more, after all.

2, but historically, i.e. when you really were a kid.The book I remember best was “Z for Zacharias”, which I read when I was about 10 years old, and again, when I was about 18 or so. I still have that book.

2.) 📚What’s your favorite children’s book?

XD When I was really a child? Hm that would probably be a Dutch book called Pluk van de Petteflet. I wouldn’t be able to remember it, though. I should re-read it to see if I can recall anything of it.

You should cherish the books that you hold dear ^^. I threw a lot of books away over the years and occasionally I do regret it.

Are you following the “New Amsterdam” series? On S2 E15, there is a shark on psychiatrists office. Could you ask from your shark, are they related?

I logged into netflix, went to this particular episode and scrolled through the episode to find that scene, at 10:30 min into the episode. Yes, it’s the same BLÅHAJ from ikea. Though, the one in the episode is clean and new and not squashed to a pancake like mine.

Also, my shark plush is unique in that it is my support to get through difficult times ^^. He also helps me release magic feelings into my diapers.


Have you been changed by someone else? Meaning, in your adulthood. 🤣

In adulthood, huh. Not yet ^^. I would really like to be babied by someone, though there needs to be a lot of trust before that can happen! The inside of my diaper is very sensitive and needs to be protected.

I don’t even want horni stuff, because I can do that by myself. I would like to have my ultimate caretaker babycore fantasies come true ♡ ♥💕❤


You wrote: Hm what surprises me the most is that you can’t really be active when you’re wearing a diaper, without being uncomfortable or even leaking.Have you tried Tena Slip Active -diapers? At least for me, they (boosted with Abena’s large booster) allow quite active day, like spending full day in city and walking more than 10 km during the day. After day, when coming back to hotel, there were no leaks in the extremely full diaper.

Hm well I was talking about the way that I live and work. Like cycling to work, carrying heavy delicate stuff, changing into medical outfits, performing micro surgeries, operating med machines. I’m glad that it works for you, but for active days I don’t think that wearing a diaper would be comfortable


Have you had extended “diaper sessions”, e.g. over the weekend, during which you wear day and night?I sometimes (when the rest of family goes somewhere, or if I am on a work trip) have those, but unluckily, after a couple of days, it gets boring, so I just stop wearing.

I’m satisfied after a few hours of ageplay ^^. My motivation for wearing diapers is also gone for a few days after that. I do always sleep with my shark plush, though (that’s also ageplay, right?).

I’ve heard from others that they can wear diapers for days or weeks. I’ve never tried it myself, but it does not seem like something for me. Everyone is different, I don’t mind that others like this ^^. In fact, I’m glad that they do find this enjoyable! Maybe I would be reduced to an actual babybrain if I wore diapers for too long  °^° !!


Let’s assume I’m a 6 year old boy, who meets the great scientist woman, i.e. you. Please explain to me, in concepts that 6 year old boy understands: how the electric bike works and why you don’t get electric shock from it, if you ride when raining?

xD Who are you talking about? You mean this diaper-wetting baby shark? I dunno how an electric bike works, but sometimes I wish I had one.

The battery makes the little pixies dance and flow through the wire towards the electric motor. The dance excites the electric motor and it start to spin to release its happiness!!


Have a great birthday!Were you able to spend Christmas time with your family (parents etc)? Here in Finland, it was recommended not to travel between larger cities, so my family (i.e. my wife and our adult-age sons) spent first time Christmas just togethet, without visiting our parents.

Thank you for wishing me a great birthday! I’m sorry to hear that you could not spend Christmas with your parents. I hope that you can soon have another opportunity to visit them… I did visit my parents, though I realise that this wasn’t an advised thing to do. My reasoning was that every time may be the last time and there is no one else who I can spend Christmas with. Communicating over the internet gets old, quickly. I’m selfish for having done this, right? It was high-risk, and dangerous, behaviour that should probably be fined. I did my best to evade people while travelling; by travlling at non-busy hours, standing far away from others, and I even bicycled part of my trip. In the future, I’ll probably consider myself crazy for having cycled 40km through the dark and cold to evade people. 

I feel so sorry for my parents. They’re retired; they used to visit acquaintances and family as a means of socialising. Nowadays their only visitors are the kids (including me). It’s not their fault. It’s nobody’s fault. It’s important to remain hopeful for a better future, otherwise there is nothing to look forward to 

Have you ever visited Finland?

I haven’t visited Finland before ^^;; Sorry. I did go to Stockholm once to visit the university there, though I did not get to see the city. Maybe another time, I’ll be able to return to Scandinavia for a holiday. 

Your profile says you’re from Finland. Do you still live there? Do you get to see the Northern lights ?